Krystal Oysters and Jewelry PEARLS ARE ALWAYS APPROPIATE ~ Jackie O.


June 26th - Pearl Party @ 8PM EST

June 28th - Wacky Wednesday @ 8PM EST
July 5th - Mystery Box Night @ 8PM EST
July 10th - Pearl Party @ 8PM EST
July 12th - Party Pack Bash @ 8PM EST
July 17th - Party Pack Bash @ 8PM EST
July 19th - Wack Wednesday @ 8PM EST
July 24th - Manic Monday @ 8PM EST
July 26th - Party Pack Bash @ 8PM  EST

What is a Live Party?

  • A Live Party is where Krystal Oysters goes live on our Facebook® page and we open the oysters you choose on a live feed!

When are the Live Parties?

  • You can tune in on party nights at 8pm Eastern to watch our Live Parties! Check out our Facebook® to discover when our scheduled parties are! 

How do Live Parties work?

  • To sign up to open an oyster, please go to HERE to choose your party date and pre-purchase your oysters. This will reserve your spot on the LIVE show. You will receive a reminder email the night before the party you signed up for. It is important to be on Facebook to hand pick your oyster from the choices available. We will be opening in the order of orders received. If you are not able to attend your party, your order will be shipped the next day as Open at Home oysters.
  • If you are interested in Hosting a Facebook Party and earning hostess gifts email me at for more information.

How do I win a FREE Pearl & Pendant during the Live Party?

  • While we are live, be sure to share our live feed PUBLICLY on your Facebook® profile. This enters you to win our free pearl and pendant drawing which we do every time we have a Live Party. The share must be public so that we can verify that the winner has followed the instructions.
  • A winner will be randomly selected and announced within 24 hours of the party closing. The winner will need to be at the next LIVE broadcast to select their pendant and oyster, otherwise a random pendant and oyster will be sent to the winner.
  • Some parties will have different prizes - such as tray pack oysters. This is a pack of 5 oysters!

How do I receive my pearls after the opening?

  • Your pearls will be packaged with any other merchandise (jewelry, pouches, etc) and mailed via USPS within 5 business days (if back-ordered or custom made jewelry item, handling time may be longer).

Can I exchange my pearl for something different?

  • The short answer is, no. If we did it for one, we would have to do it for all. On our website, there are single pearls available for purchase. These pearls were opened during a batch quality check.

**Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds**