Krystal Oysters and Jewelry PEARLS ARE ALWAYS APPROPIATE ~ Jackie O.

Are these oysters alive?

No, the oysters are not alive. We receive them in individually sealed packets from Asia and they are not alive when shipped.

Can we eat them?
No, the oysters are cultured and specifically farmed for pearls. DO NOT EAT THEM. Krystal Oysters is not responsible if something happens due to ingestion by human or animal.
Are we guaranteed to get a pearl?
If you order a party oyster to be opened on a LIVE Party Broadcast (currently via Facebook) you are guaranteed to get a pearl from each oyster purchased. In the extremely rare event that an oyster is opened and there is not a pearl (happens less than 1% of the time) than another randomly chosen oyster will be opened in its place so that there is an oyster with pearl for each oyster purchased.
This guarantee does NOT carry over to open at home oysters. If you choose to purchase open at home oysters, you take the risk (again, extremely rare) that your oyster will not have a pearl. Due to the inability to confirm this, we do not replace empty oysters. See info at the bottom of the page for more on open at home oysters. 

Open at Home Oysters

DO NOT EAT THESE OYSTERS. They are not fit for consumption and Krystal Oysters is not liable if something happens due to ingestion. 

These oysters are NOT alive. Store in a cool, dry place. 

When ready to open, carefully cut open the vacuum sealed package, tear off the top of the oyster with fingertips, slide a knife or oyster shucking tool into the opening of the oyster. BE CAREFUL — DO NOT cut all the way down or you will damage your pearl, decreasing its appraisal value. Opening the oyster open can be very dangerous Krystal Oysters is not liable for any personal injuries.

It is normal for the oysters to have a foul odor. 
On an extremely rare occasion, it is possible for an oyster to not have a pearl in it. This is a risk you take by purchasing open at home oysters. We only guarantee pearls during LIVE broadcasts. 
The pearl color, luster, roundness, surface and nacre quality are a complete surprise! That's the fun of oysters!


**Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds**