Krystal Oysters and Jewelry Welcome Bangor, Maine's Pearl Cove Visitors!


  • Like & Share the LIVE Video:
    • While we are live, be sure to share our live feed PUBLICLY on your Facebook® profile. This enters you to win a prize!
    • The share must be public so that we can verify that the winner has followed the instructions.
    • One winner will be randomly selected at the end of the night for a prize and another winner will be chosen at the beginning of the next broadcast!
    • No purchase is necessary to be eligible to win this drawing and you do not need to be present to win.


  • RSVP to the Live Broadcast Event:
    • Most Live Shows will have an event set up through our Facebook page.
    • Click “Going” on the event and this will enter you into the RSVP drawing.
    • One winner will be randomly drawn and announced at the end of the live broadcast.
    • No purchase is necessary to be eligible to win this drawing and you do not need to be present to win.


  • Guess How Many Twins:
    • Sometimes an oyster will have two pearls instead of one. We call this twins.
    • On the day of most shows, we will add a post to our Facebook page directing you to guess how many set of twins you think we will have during that date’s live broadcast.
    • You can change your guess by commenting a new guess on the post before the time deadline announced during the broadcast. To change your guess, just post a new guess and the last guess you make prior to the time deadline will be your official entry.
    • Do NOT edit your guess comment. Editing the comment automatically voids the entry.
    • A random winner will be chosen from all the correct answers.
    • No purchase is necessary to be eligible to win this game and you do not need to be present to win.


  • BINGO:
    • Bingo is a fan favorite at Krystal Oysters and Jewelry, and it is FREE for anyone to play.
    • On the day of most shows, we will add a post to our Facebook page directing you to comment 5 different numbers between 1 and 30. These will be your Bingo numbers. (We recommend writing down your numbers as it is easier to keep track of later).
    • Numbers must be commented on the post prior to the time deadline announced. Entries must be commented prior to us drawing the first Bingo number.
    • When the first Bingo number is drawn, the eligible entries are printed to be used for verification of winner.
    • In between each customer, party pack, or at random a Bingo number will be randomly drawn from the Bingo ball, then announced and shown on the live broadcast.
    • Once all 5 of your numbers have been called, comment BINGO in the comments section of the live broadcast video. They can be called in any order.
    • After Bingo is called, we compare the prospective Bingo winner’s numbers on the verification list to the numbers which have been called.
    • If all 5 numbers have been called and verified, all persons who called and have a verified Bingo will win a prize!
    • If Bingo was called but the Bingo was not able to be verified, we will continue with the game until we have a verified winner.
    • It is possible for more than one person to win Bingo. It is also possible for a person to win Bingo more than once.
    • If we have time and wish to play another round of Bingo after we have a winner, we will post a new Bingo post to our Facebook wall.
    • Numbers do NOT automatically carry over from game to game. To participate in a subsequent game of Bingo, you must comment your numbers on the individual game post.
    • If after the last customer we do not have a winner for the current Bingo game we are playing, then Bingo numbers will be drawn in “rapid fire” like fashion until we have a verified winner.  
    • No purchase is necessary to be eligible to win this drawing but you MUST be present to win.


  • Purchasing Customers Only Games:
    • Some nights we will have special games for purchasing customers only.
    • These games have been known to include Pearl Plinko, Prize Wheel, Pearl Lottery and more!
    • The eligibility requirements will be announced prior to the start of the games.
    • Prizes won during these games will be shipped with the customers purchasing order which made them eligible for the game, unless it is a backordered item or jewelry which requires drilling and mounting. Those items would be shipped separately.


  • Special Party Nights/Private Parties:
    • On certain nights we host themes or private parties. Some of the games we play during those nights may be different than those we play during a regular public pearl party.
    • Rules to those games will be announced prior to the start of the game, and winners will be verified to ensure that rules were followed.



  • ·         When our Facebook page reached 5,000 Likes (5K) we announced a special live Facebook party event that will take place after our page reaches 10,000 Like (10K)
  • ·         The party will be exclusively giveaways!
  • ·         Over $1,000 retail value in prizes will be given away at this Live Facebook party.
  • ·         Some ways to be entered to win include (but not limited to):

o   Liking our Facebook Page

o   Inviting others to Like our Page

o   Any previous purchase

o   RSVP to the Event

o   More to be Announced

  • ·         Event date will be announced within 2 weeks of our Facebook page reaching the goal of 10,000 page likes.



  • ·         We LOVE to give away prizes and we always try to be fair. Contest and game winners will be verified to ensure that the rules were followed.
  • ·         It is possible to win more than once. We never punish anyone for being lucky!
  • ·         We utilize an app to assist us in the drawing of random winners. This ensures that we are always being fair.
  • ·         By entering a contest or participating in a game, you are giving us permission announce and/or publish your Facebook name on our website, any social media account owned by Krystal Oysters and Jewelry, and marketing material should you win.
  •           Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of us announcing you have won. To claim your prize, you must send us a private Facebook message with the requested information. Examples: contact information to send electronic gift certificate or shipping address for the shipment of physical prizes.
  • ·         If your prize is a gift certificate, you will be sent a code to use in the coupon portion of our website that will deduct the prize amount from your order. Gift certificate prizes may be used on anything in our store and do not expire.
  • ·         If you win a physical prize, we typically ship it via USPS within 5 business days of receiving your shipping address message. Occasionally, it may take longer, depending on the prize or circumstance.
  • ·         Prizes cannot be exchanged for a different prize or store credit.
  • ·         Not every game will be played at every party. Please follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on the most recent contests, drawings and games.