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My Heart Will Go on

Please let us know which pearl you would like for your jewelry.
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Love your pearls we harvested during a live party? You can turn one of them into this beautiful hand-crafted pearl necklace!

We will mount one of your hand-picked pearls onto this beautiful sterling silver My Heart Will Go On Pendant setting and it comes equipped with a 925 sterling silver chain.You can choose the size from our standard options (14", 18", 20" and 22"). You will have the option to upgrade these chains to a 1mm sterling silver snake chain for just $10! Need a longer length? You can purchase a 24" standard necklace for an additional $5 or an upgraded 24" necklace for an additional $15.

Love the necklace but don't have a pearl of your own? You can add a randomly chosen pearl for only $10.00!

**Jewelry assembly takes 5-7 business days plus shipping.
**Due to the unique nature of the product, we do not accept substitutions, exchanges or refunds.